Saturday, May 18, 2013

Pins and needles

When the young man who restored my home put it on the market, his Realtor indicated in the brochures that there would be a pantry in the kitchen.  Since I signed the contract prior to the kitchen being finished I expected a pantry.  One day after I knew the kitchen cabinets had been installed I stopped over at the house to look in the windows.  Pantry?  Where was the pantry?  I called my Realtor who, in turn, called his Realtor.  Two days later a pantry closet was the middle of the back wall.  There is about a 22" space from the back door to the pantry closet.  22" of bare nothingness.  I have been looking for some kind of a cabinet to fit in that space and I finally found one.  It is an oak cabinet (painted white) with a enamel metal top.  I am pretty sure it was marketed as an "add on" for a Hoosier fitted kitchen.  It has a wire basket just inside the door and a place where a wire cooling shelf was located originally.  It was in pretty rough shape with multi layers of paint including the final layer which was apparently latex over oil paint so it was chipping off in big chunks.  I didn't care.  It was the perfect size and just $20.

She originally had metal casters on the legs but those were rusted beyond repair.  Because the paint was so terribly chipped and totally not stable, I knew I would have to sand so sand I did!  I put on a mask, took the cabinet out to the patio, plugged in my hand sander and made that baby smoooooth!

I had already started the sanding process before I remembered to get the camera.  I am a terrible blogger!

The hinges were pretty rough looking but I decided to just paint over them .  No, I am not lazy.  I just like that look!

I mixed up a batch of (my version) "chalk" paint in an antique white.  According to a chart I found on line, it matches the Old White color from ASCP.  I wanted to match it as best I could to the buffet I painted last year.

I found a wine graphic on the Graphic's Fairy site and did a ModgePodge transfer technique.  Right now the graphic is drying on the cabinet and I am a nervous wreck and sitting on pins and needles!

I am keeping my fingers crossed that I will have the cabinet I have envisioned later this afternoon.  Oh, the joys of DIY!

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