Thursday, August 30, 2012!

I harvested last Friday morning.  I just pulled these off the vine about an hour ago.

I only planted one tomato plant.  I know!!  This is crazy.  Where they are planted I get full sun for most of the day.  There are roughly another 20 on the vine that are in some shade of red but not ready to be harvested.  About 35 or 40 green tomatoes are on the vine as well as more flowers.  Since the nights are starting to get cool I know the ones that are green now will probably not fully ripen.  At this point, I am totally ok with that.  I have been eating one or two a day.  I think I am just about "tomatoed out"!  I am going to wash this batch and then toss them into boiling water to skin.  I don't have time to can until the weekend so I will just bag them up and put them into the freezer until I have all my supplies and ingredients to make salsa.  Everyone in my family will be getting a large jar (or two) of salsa.  Family - prepare yourselves!

They really are beautiful.

Got 'maters?!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Ironstone love

During the lunch hour, I decided to drop into the Goodwill near my office.  I nearly always find a little treasure and for some reason it is the best place to find pieces of old ironstone.  Yesterday was no exception.  For just 97 cents this little beauty made it into my basket.

The gravy boat was made somewhere between 1867 and 1893 based on information I found on the internet.

In the interest of full disclosure it does have one little problem.

It doesn't make me think any less of the piece.  Many pieces of my stoneware is in "less than perfect" condition.  As a matter of fact, so am I!

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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Least favorite chore

Today is the day.  I have been putting this off for a week but I can't ignore it any longer.  Today is the day that I get down on my very bad knee, remove the racks, pull the "guts" and clean the dishwasher.  I am prepared with vinegar, baking soda and lovely smelling JR Watkins cleaner.

It's a dirty job but somebody's gotta do it.  I'm goin' in!