Friday, November 28, 2008

You know you live in the country when...

This morning I opened the front door to look up and down the street. Since the garbage wasn't picked up yesterday and I don't know how holiday schedules work with them, I was checking to see if anyone had their cans at the curb. It was about 6am or so. As I looked directly across the street, I saw a chicken running up the sidewalk.

And THAT is how you know you live in the country!!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

First snow day!

We had some snow on Thursday night. It wasn't a lot but it was still pretty to see coming down. I took this photo of my backyard
From Little Nest
Now you can see how little my yard is!

I drive through farmland on my way to work. I took a few photos of the landscape on my drive. If I had not been moving at the time, I think they would have been much better. Something tells me that the traffic behind me would not have been amused!
From Little Nest

From Little Nest

It snowed again yesterday off and on but there was no accumulation. I do love snow and they are predicting much more this year than we have had in the past few years. I say "Let it snow!!"

Monday, November 10, 2008

There's a mouse in my house!

Most times, for me, the benefits of being single outweigh the negatives. This is not one of those times. I desperately want someone else to take care of this problem! Yesterday when putting away my little George Foreman grill, I discovered something on the shelf that had not been there when I took it out the night before...mouse droppings. In that cabinet, I also have a basket in which I keep things like packages of salad dressing, cocoa mix, marinades, etc. There were little slivers of paper with foil on one side. My mouse apparently craves chocolate. The only packages torn open were two of instant cocoa mix. I cleaned up the mess, took all of my packaged goods out of the cabinet and found new homes for them in upper cabinets. Gracie started sitting at the cabinet door watching and sticking a paw up occasionally between the cabinet bottom and the toe kick. I couldn't decide if I should open the cabinet door and let her handle the problem or not. My kind of luck she would torture the mouse and then bring it up to my bedroom and place it on the bed as an offering. Eeeewwwuuueee!

I am shopping for little mousetraps this afternoon. I don't like the idea of doing this but I am not going to share my home with mice. The next icky thing will be actually catching the mouse and then the disposal. I think I need to have my brother on standby. (This will probably cost me a case of beer!)

Friday, November 7, 2008

A little glimpse of my town

I walked over to vote on Tuesday. Since I had my camera in my bag, I took a few shots along the way. We have little alley ways behind the houses. They are very narrow and I am sure were better suited to horse and buggy than pickup trucks and SUVs. I want to learn more of the history of the town and more about the buildings. I love how Federal period houses stand next to log houses. I love that there are stone homes from the late 1700s standing next to farm style twin houses that were built in the early 1900s. I am CRAZY about the barns and sheds all along the alleys.

Next time I am out and about, I will take more pictures because there is SO much more to see!