Monday, August 9, 2010


(Photo from Google Images)
Mercy!  We need rain.  I need rain.  Tonight I will have to trot approximately 40-5 gallon buckets of water from my kitchen, dump into a 5 gallon watering can and water my garden.  If not a drip falls upon the grass I am perfectly happy.  The "lawn" really is just a collection of cut weeds.  I am sure there is some grass in the mix but mostly I think it is just weedy stuff.  Also sitting on the lawn is a pallet stacked with 208 paving stones that are supposed to be the center portion of my patio.  My BIL framed out the patio in May, filled it in with dirt and has not been back since.  I threw down 6 paving bricks across the dirt to get from my back door to the grass.  Upside - I really cannot afford to finish the patio until the fall so I will live with the dirt, stacked pavers and bad grass until then.

When do you put down "Weed and Feed"?  Can I do that in the fall and again in the spring and just pray for rain?  (Calling in a plumber to add a spigot to the back of the house makes a lot of sense!)

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