Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Things that make you go "Huh?"

Two days BEFORE closing, the underwriter requested a structural engineer inspect the beam under the house that had been treated for wood borers. 2 days...

If the engineer finds that there is a problem with the beam supporting the floor joists, I will not close tomorrow. If we don't close by Friday, I will have to pay a months interest on the house when I close AND another month's rent on my apartment.

Guess who isn't happy?


kt said...

I totally feel you. Our intent was to close on june 30 (us and the rest of the world). however, because of issues with the loans and whatnot, we didn't close until july 1. SO... that means that we had to pay more up front. ultimately, I didn't get the new clothes washer we were eyeing. such is life though. it was definitely a frustrating experience, but it's over now and we are so happy in our new house. packing on the other hand... that's a bear no matter HOW you look at it. :) good luck... I wish you the best!

The Calico Quilter said...

Oh, no. I am so sorry your home buying experience is causing you so much trouble. You must want to scream at them "If you had processed the application on schedule, you wouldn't be DOING this to me!" I definitely feel your pain. We were constrained to close on this house and move out of the apartment we had rented on a tight schedule due to the expiration of the apartment lease, and it was a scramble. These type of last minute things happens a lot. Doesn't make it easier when you're having it happen to you, but we're here for you.