Sunday, August 10, 2008


The appraisal for the house is set for tomorrow (Monday). I spoke to my loan officer on Friday and the last thing I have to do before closing is pay my house insurance and send a copy of the receipt to the bank. I know the house is FHA compliant so the only hurdle is the appraisal and I am feeling pretty confident that that will not be an issue.

I am packing boxes like a crazy woman. Why do I have all this stuff?!? I have a file cabinet full of paper that I have not looked at since I left Seattle nearly six years ago. I don't have the time now to sort through everything but that will be a priority after I move. (I have a shredder and I am not afraid to use it!)

When I speak to my sons, they inquire about the packing situation. Yes, boys...I promise it will be done before you get here!

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