Saturday, September 15, 2012

The tomato plant that ate my patio

The plant had to come out today.  It made me a little sad because there are so many green tomatoes on it and it is still going strong.  We won't be having any more warm nights and tomatoes ripen best when the nights are warm and the days are hot.  Now it is time for pots of mums in the garden box that sits at the end of the patio.

This was my last harvest of the season.

Most are fairly ripe but will turn a much nicer shade of red sitting on the window sill in the kitchen.  This truly was the most incredible tomato plant...ever!

Today is the perfect day to be in the yard.  Low 70's, a gentle breeze and sun is warm.  Time to drag out the weed whacker and take down the flowers in the perennial garden.  The birds ate the last of the sunflower seeds and the seed heads of the cone flowers are long gone.  The only thing that would make today better would be if I could build a big bonfire in the backyard tonight!

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Eventmom said...

Good Lord ! I am seeing homemade salsa in my future... I hope :)