Saturday, September 29, 2012

Breaking out the painter's drop cloth

There is a "pass through" window between the kitchen and my dining room.  The base of window is a ledge that extends 12" into the dining room.  It is great for setting up like a buffet and it saves some time when I have dinner guests and want to get everything from dining room to the kitchen quickly.  It is supposed to actually serve as a bar with room for two bar stools.  I had planned to get a couple of Pottery Barn-ish stools with high backs and use them for quick breakfast and lunch when the grandchildren are here.  Realistically, the youngest grands come to my house so infrequently it just didn't make sense to spend that money.  Since the space under the ledge is basically useless, I thought of a way to make a little extra storage area.  Enter the painter's drop cloth.

The space under the ledge is deep enough a couple of sets of plastic storage drawer units with room on top to store platters and large serving pieces.

I love working with painter's drop cloth fabric.  I picked up this one at Lowe's.  I washed and then bleached it.  I used a big bottle of hydrogen peroxide in the rinse water to counter the bleach molecules.  Because I am not crazy about the fact that you can see into my kitchen as soon as you walk in the front door, I decided to make a short valance to hide the sink area from general view.  It is high enough to do the job and still allow for plenty of light.

Do I feel terribly clever?  Why, yes I do!


Michelle said...

I LOVE your creativity!!! It looks great!

suzyq said...

and you should feel clever - I love it Suzan - especially the little curtain!
John would call you " clever clogs "
a british term ( of which I absolutely hate )