Sunday, May 15, 2011

Thrifting on Saturday

I got a bit antsy on Saturday and decided to make a quick run to Jubilee, a local thrift store that is run by the Mennonite church to support their prison ministry.  I have found lots of goodies there and yesterday was no exception.  Sitting on the table of housewares was this ironstone bowl.

The three little marks in the shape of a triangle are from the support unit that held the bowl off the floor of the kiln during firing.
There is a chip in the bottom edge where the glaze has popped off but as long as it doesn't sit in water should not affect the usage of the bowl.

The bowl measures roughly 11" across and is about 4-1/2" high.  This is only my second piece of American made ironstone so I had to do a little research.  The CC Thompson Pottery Company was located in East Liverpool, Ohio.  This mark indicates that the bowl was manufactured between 1867 and 1893.  I found one on line (in better condition) that was being offered for sale at $135.  Even with the condition issues, I think my bowl was a steal at $5!

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Pam said...

Great buy. Love the crazing on it.

Paula said...

Wow! You got a real bargain for only $5. I'll bet that you'll find all kinds of great display places for this around your home.

Anna said...

it is fun to find out the history on a piece like this, you got a great deal!

Sue said...

Very cool find! I am visiting from Southern Hospitality :-)

Sue said...

Very cool find! I am visiting from Southern Hospitality :-)