Sunday, May 22, 2011

After 12 bags of mulch

this is what the perennial garden looks like this morning.

It's a little gloomy this morning and I really wish I had taken photos yesterday while we still had sun.  Yesterday was gorgeous!

I love the dianthus and wish I had moved the darker pink a little further away from the lighter pink.  That one is absolutely enormous.  I bought these at Lowe's from the "scratch and dent" area last summer.  The lawn ornament was the gazing ball that my granddaughter, Emily, and I made last summer....bowling ball, glass chips/mirror blobs and grout.

I love this columbine.  Last year when they dried I shook seeds all over the garden.  There are about 12 little ones coming up right now.

I wish I could remember the name of this flowering shrub.  The branches are kind of floppy and the flowers are lovely.  The big, fat bumble bees love it.

I think the salvia blooms are the most incredible shade of purple.

My butterfly bush did not survive the winter.  I was really surprised because I thought you couldn't kill those things!  I also had a couple of other plants that did not come up so the portion of the garden that is closest to the house is a bit bare.  I am waiting for a good perennial sale to fill in some of the blank spaces.

How does your garden look this year?


Amelia said...

Suzan, your thumb is truly green...this flower garden is magazine worthy.

Jenni said...

That is a very pretty garden and in such a picturesque setting.