Monday, May 23, 2011

Last week thrifting

I had a couple of opportunities to stop in at two of our local Goodwill stores last week.  I usually have a plan when I go in.  Specifically I am looking for hurricane globes for my sister who is collecting them for her daughter's "one day" wedding, a Pfaltzgraff pattern that I am collecting, silver plate items, white ironstone and old serving platters with pink floral borders.

Here's what I found

Photos were taken in the kitchen under the glare of overhead lighting.  Ugh!

The white ironstone bowl is not a pattern that I already own so I was excited about that.  It is Johnson Brother's and was made in England.  It isn't old but I was happy that it wasn't made in China.  I don't buy white ironstone unless it is English or American made.  The silver box is made of some kind of ratty wood with a horrible grain.  For 98 cents - it will do.  It still had the original instructions for the placement of the silver.  The butter dish is made by Princess House and not a ding or chip.  I thought it was delicate and sweet so it came home with me.

Once again there is nothing that a can of spray paint and an antiquing glaze cannot cure.

I think it might need a pretty wooden decal on the top and another coat of glazing but it looks a heck of a lot better than the original wood!
And here it is filled with the silver plate flatware I scored last year for $5.  There are not enough slots for the cocktail forks, demitasse spoons and individual butter knives so I piled them in the bottom.

And, yes, I am cheesy and did not paint the inner edges.
What did you find last week?  I am linking to Rhoda's blog.  Please take a look at all the goodies that folks have found!

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Michelle said...

I had no idea you had this blog. I love it! That little dome you have is about the size of the 'cheese' domes I buy, and I put Moda Jelly Rolls under them! CUTE!