Friday, July 31, 2009

Oh no!!

I cannot find my receipt for the air conditioner....anywhere! I used my VISA check card when I picked it up. I know I can get a copy of the transaction off my bank statement but will they take that? I could just scream. I am so good about keeping things like that. I especially kept that receipt since I wasn't installing the unit right away and because it has an Energy Star rating and I know I will be able to take the credit on my income tax for 2009. I have turned this little house upside down. I have looked in all the logical places and some of the weird ones, too...just in case. The only thing I can think of that might explain the receipt going missing is that I cleaned out my desk drawer a couple of weeks ago. You know how you sort papers (trash, file)? Could I have mistakenly put the receipt in the trash file?

Mercy. I could live with the heat myself but I have more company coming and they are used to air conditioning. Not to mention the fact that I have a new air conditioner that doesn't work.
Seems like all I do is whine and complain lately. Sorry for that. I usually have a pretty upbeat attitude. Maybe it's because I am hot...all the time. As if the humidity wasn't enough, the hot flashes are about to kill me. It is only a matter of time until they just find a pile of ashes in my shoes...

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Michelle said...

Did you check your purse? Take a deep breath, close your eye, pray....ask God to help you find it...but if you can't find it, I would think that they would exchange it. It's not like they have to give a refund. Could it be in the box? Did you save the box? Give them a call right away this morning so you know what you need, and can stop worrying.

I'll pray with you...
be blessed,