Wednesday, July 29, 2009

When it rains...

I just need a little something to go right. Seriously. I bought the big air conditioner for my downstairs in May. I finally had it put in the window about 3 weeks ago. It has been unseasonably cool here so I did not need to turn it on until July 25th. Ran fine. I had my parents over for dinner on the 26th. Ran fine. It was hot and humid on Monday, July 27, so I turned it on late in the day. I wandered back outside to the garden. When I re-entered the house, I thought it strange that it didn't feel much cooler so I went over to check the air coming out of the unit. Not refrigerated. As I stood there, the compressor kicked on. Or should I say, it attempted to kick on. It just made a grinding, thumping noise and stopped. So I reset the unit, took the temp up to closer the temperature in the house (thinking it wouldn't have to work so hard) and still the grinding, thumping and cut off continued. I just turned if off. Yesterday I tried again to no avail. My brand new, Frigidaire air conditioner is broken after 2 uses. Thankfully, my son is coming this weekend and he can pull it out of the window for me so we can haul it back to Lowes. If they won't replace it (I realize I bought it 3 months ago!) there will be a foot stomping, blood pressure raising brouhaha going down!

Did I mention I still haven't found a plumber to come by the house to fix my kitchen faucet? I hope my boy can fix it for me!


Amelia said...

Time for reared your son - so now he can help his other with his strong muscles and manly knowledge (or willingness to learn OJT).

Lets hope this is the end of the major problems.

Michelle said...

I wish we were close, Suzanne, because Louie and I would be over to help you. Darn it anyway!
Hang in there!
be blessed,

The Calico Quilter said...

Likely it's a starting capacitor (provides the extra push to spin the compressor when it starts until the motor can take over). It just happens. I had to put in two new ones on my whole-house unit several years ago. The first one was bad from the factory. It happens. Too bad you have to haul it out of the window, though.

For the sink, you can take the brand and model number to a plumbing supply store and I bet they sell a new mounting assembly. If you don't have the model number, take a picture of the faucet and the underside showing the mount and take it with you. Most good stores can find the part number you need.

Good thing you've got some "muscle" available!