Wednesday, December 17, 2008


I received a form from the county yesterday. Apparently where I live in the county I can apply for "homestead status". I TOLD you I lived in the country! I am just wondering now if this means I can get a goat and raise chickens in the backyard?


Amelia said...

Here is Oklahoma that means we get a reduction on our property tax - does it mean the same there in NY?

Let us know if you decide to raise some chickens or get a goat - that would make for quite an interesting read on a daily basis.

Merry Christmas

Michelle said...

Maquoketa Iowa must be in the country too, then, because we signed up for homestead when we bought our house.

I found this on the internet.

Homestead laws were generally designed to protect the home from creditors, provides the right of occupancy given to a surviving spouse, minor children, and unmarried children of a deceased owner and also afford reduced property tax treatment. When people use the term "homestead exemption" they may be referring to the tax exemption or reduction, or the exemption from debts or execution for the payment of debts.

I guess I really didn't know what 'homestead' was, in terms of home ownership. I was told to sign up, so I did!

The Calico Quilter said...

In Kentucky, homestead status gives you a property tax break (which, given Kentucky's propensity to tax the dickens out of you is a good thing). I don't know the age where it applies, but I think Mom was 65.

The word verification this time was "rightnes". They've been getting awfully close to English words recently.