Sunday, December 14, 2008

At last

The rain finally stopped so I went out to take some photos. Here is slide show of some of the pictures I took yesterday and last night.

I finally put the last ornament on the tree. The only thing missing is the angel at the top. My son will arrive on December 23rd with his family. He loves the angel and it is one of his Christmas memories. She is not exactly beautiful but she says "Christmas" to him. She is also tied very strongly to my Christmas memories. My parents bought her when we lived in Japan. My mother gave her to me after my children were born so she has been part of my Christmases since I was 4.

I collect Holy Families and Nativities. I have water globes, music boxes, carved pieces, wooden pieces, and more. The one under the tree is the oldest. Baby Jesus will not be placed in the creche until Christmas Eve.

On top of the hutch are two Santa faces painted on gourds. My very talented nephew, Josh, painted them for me. I hope that he will paint more for me.

I will have more photos to post tomorrow. Have a happy Sunday!


Amelia said...

First of all was so glad to see your post...kept hearing about all the people in your state and surroundings ones with out electricity.

Loved all the Christmas pretty! The gourd ones are one of a kind...perhaps you will receive more of them.

Take care and stay warm.

Michelle said...

Looks beautiful, Suzan. Thanks for sharing!