Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Finally - Photos!

First let me say that my photography is horrible. The "before" photos were taken on Sept. 12th and the "after" were taken last night. I still have things to do but there has been a vast improvement.

I have to update my photo of the outside of the house. I love my little porch! I will do that with my next post.


Sweet P said...

House is looking good. Be patient and you'll be all moved in before you know it.

Trish said...

Your house looks great!

Amelia said...


Now it is looking like a home and not a house...the inside looks so warm and inviting...some nice place to visit and enjoy yourself with good company and a cup of coffee.

You have been blessed to find this place.


Nan said...

Your house looks beautiful! Congratulations Suzan!!! It definitely is your "little nest".

Anonymous said...

Hi Suzan,

It's coming along nicely!!! Very cozy looking! :)