Tuesday, January 6, 2009

More for my wish list

There are 2 other pieces of furniture I have on my "wish list". One is necessary and the other is on the bottom of the list.

I have an enormous television in my living room. I think it is 32". It is not plasma so it weighs a lot - like 140lbs. (My son hated moving it so much he gave it to me and bought himself the plasma screen unit.) I have it sitting on top of an antique wash stand. It sits in the corner of my living room near one of the heating units. The wash stand periodically makes a cracking sound. I am terrified that the wash stand is going to totally dry out and collapse under the weight of the television so I really need something actually designed to hold up a TV.
I think I want the antique white. I have a lot of mahogany and cherry pieces in the living room. What do you think? I really do like painted pieces.

Here's my "I really could use these but they are not a necessity" itemThese I would like in black since I have cherry and black Hitchcock chairs in the dining room. I have a nice little bar adjacent to the dining room and I would like to use it for quick meals. Right now the bar just serves as a pass through to the kitchen when I am cleaning off the dining room table.

I really need to win the lottery. (Oh, yeah - you have to play to win, right?)


materialjunkie said...

I know what you mean about the TV weighing 140 lbs. My son just bought a new plasma TV and I bought his 37" LCD flat screen from him. All was good until it was time to move the old sucker..Wow those things are HEAVY!
But I like the cabinet you picked out. Looks great!. The stools are also nice..Love black - it really is a neutral and goes with everything.

Michelle said...

I would suggest stalking the thrift stores. Sometimes you will see something similar to what you want...especially now since a lot of people are going to the flat tvs and mount them to the wall. You also might something you like better, and you could always paint it. I am such a thrifter, I hate buying new. I know, some things you have to, but you just never know! Now, really might be a good time to shop for some of your items, because from what I am hearing, you can bargain on just about anything you want, because of people just not spending. You never know..it just might be worth thinking about!

You also might look on craigslist for your area, or join a freecycle group (yahoo) and post that you are looking for a corner tv cabinet. Maybe someone already has one listed on there. Could also check ebay for your area. Search for items within a certain mile area. Those you pick up.

Oh, I am just 'full of' ideas, aren't I?

Oh, and about your cracking noise? My tv is in a big corner cabinet, and I hear a cracking noise, but I think it is the tv. Normal noises...normal. It probably isn't your wash stand at all!


The Calico Quilter said...

That's a good cabinet for the TV. Putting it in the corner makes it less "front and center", so to speak. Otherwise, you run the risk of evoking comments like my mom said - "Why is your living room all about the electronics?"

Is there any way to redirect the heat vent away from the cabinet? It's probably not doing the components any good either. I broke down and bought those tacky hoods for my floor vents to point the air into the room instead straight up the wall. They're camoflaged in most rooms by the furniture and really do help with the heat and cooling circulation, and keeps the heat from blowing right on the furniture.