Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Baseboard heat

Now that it has gotten to the point where the smoke alarms don't go off every time the heat turns on downstairs, I have learned that I dislike baseboard electric heat for another reason.

Heat on the first floor (where it actually is cold) is rising up the stairwells and heating the rest of the house. Downstairs it continues to be chilly.

I can close the door to the studio so it would not go to the third floor but I am in a quandary as to how to keep some of the heat on the first floor. I HATE the look of ceiling fans but with a 12' ceiling, maybe it wouldn't be too bad if I had one in the living room. At least it would be pushing the heat back to the floor as it circulated up the walls and across the ceiling. Or maybe I could have a small ceiling fan installed at the top of the first stairway...

Anyone else have this problem? Any suggestions?


Amelia said...

I would go with the ceiling fan. They aren't that expensive and getting some one to install it shouldn't be too much of a problem...perhaps call in a favor from a relative. I think this would be cheaper in the long run than paying for additional heat - oil, coal or electricity or what ever you use for heat.

We have a gas log in our fire place - looks great plus it adds heat where we need it.

Let your readers know what you decide.


The Calico Quilter said...

Unfortunately, if you have tall ceilings the ceiling fans become a necessity. As for the open stairwell - can't fight thermodynamics. The heat's gonna rise and I don't think a fan at the top of the stairs will stop it much. Can you put a curtain at the top of the stairs? I know - a very low-tech solution but it's the only thing that keeps my mom's house from turning into a sauna upstairs and an icebox downstairs, so I know it works. It's always something, isn't it?

Hazel said...

We had the same problem and bought a electrical fire place for the front room ,we only turn it on while we are sitting watching a movie or doing something in there after dinner .We also have ceiling fans in all the bedrooms upstairs to push the heat back down .