Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Back to Lowes

It was crazy windy here yesterday and I made another discovery. I need weather stripping at exterior doors. There was no apparent air movement around my windows (thank goodness) but there was a steady stream of air coming in around the latch side of the front door. That's a pretty simple fix so I know at least one place I will be shopping on Saturday.

I have gotten so much mail since I moved into the house! Coupons, advertisements for everything I could possibly need for a house, refinance offers, etc. And the phone calls! I get calls every day from some mortgage company or the other that wants to help me lower my mortgage payments or from companies that want to sell me insurance to pay off my mortgage in the event that something catastrophic occurs to me. I just keep the answering machine on all the time and scan my calls. Guess I need to re-register on the "Do Not Call" list!


Amelia said...

Certainly don't blame you for keeping the answering machine on 24/7....I would too.

Have an enjoyable day!

Michelle said...

I heard one time that phone numbers are sold quarterly, so you are probably already on one. If you just registered not long ago, it take or month or so for your number to not be on the list.

Keep screening.

Sweet P said...

I know what you mean about getting mail from mortgage companies and insurance companies. DH and I moved into our new condo in Feb. and I toss out at least two mortgage and/or insurance offers a week.

I don't get the phone calls since we don't have a land line. Cell phones mean no marketing calls.

I need to get weather stripping for our front door too. Thanks for reminding me.

The Calico Quilter said...

Well, that's the quality of construction nowadays, painful as it is. I bought my previous house new and they neglected to caulk around the windows and door frames. As I found out the first time we had a good blowing rain. Water was even coming in under the french door threshold.