Saturday, July 6, 2013

Who needs cable?

Well, I guess technically I still need cable so that I get internet service.  However, I am cutting part of the cord.  I just bought this.

It is very tiny.  We hooked it up last night in just a couple of minutes and were watching Hulu Plus in no time flat.  The screen looks perfect and the remote is very easy to use.  I bought one that I can use with an HD television though I am using it on my huge glass flat screen television which refuses to die.  (There is a very nice Sony HD monitor waiting in the wings.)  If I feel like I need to use a second television, I can pick up the very bottom of the line, simple Roku unit for about $50 from Amazon.

In the fall I plan to purchase an antenna to pull in local news reports.  Until then I can keep up just using the internet and my cell phone alerts me if there is any National Weather Service updates I need to know.

Removing the television portion of my cable will reduce my bill by about $65.  The unit I just purchased was on sale at Best Buy for $80.  The Roku box nearly "pays" for itself with my first billing reduction. Comcast has jacked up my cable television bill for the last time!


Pat said...

My problem is that internet reception good enough to power one of these is not at all good in my family room. Any suggestions on how to improve?

Suzan Sweatman said...

Never heard of this Suzan - sounds like a great option - I'm sick of the cable bills too!