Monday, September 19, 2011

"Treasure" from Goodwill

I was just in one of our local Goodwill stores and found an entire set of Luminarc crystal stemware.

Please excuse the horrific photo but my living room has very little natural light in the morning!
Each stem had the original Luminarc sticker so it was obvious they were never used.  I picked up service for 12 for $24.  I don't entertain now as I did in the past but when I do, I will be ready!

I also found a new piece for my soup tureen collection.  (I do collect the strangest stuff!)

I cannot find a mark on it so I have no idea how old it is or where it was made.  The floral decoration are applied transfer and the painted trim is obviously hand painted.  I will tuck this one away until spring and then I will display it on the hutch.

What did you find?


Michelle said...

A black Singer 301A sewing machine in a case. The girl I bought the pink Necchi from on Craigslist emailed me and sent a phone number for a gal who was having a garage sale last weekend. I didn't call last weekend, but I did Saturday. Wait! That's not all....

A charcoal colored Kenmore model 84 with cams from Salvation Army, and a black Modern Home Deluxe straight stitch sewing machine at Goodwill. I have the 301 cleaned up, the Kenmore is almost done, just waiting for Louie to finish up with the new cords to the foot control and plug in into the machine, and I haven't even touched the Modern Home Deluxe yet.

Your glasses are really pretty, and so is the soup Tureen. Have a GREAT week!

Lori @ Studio Waterstone said...

What a snag! My mom loved soup tureens, too.