Sunday, July 3, 2011

Getting closer

After 16 bags of river rocks, I still have this

The whole gravel filled space is supposed to look like this

Just four more bags (I hope) and it will finally be finished.  20 bags of river rock from Lowe's is still less expensive than a yard of them delivered from our local landscape supplier.  I had half a yard of gravel left from my stone delivery so I didn't want to end up with too much river rock as well.  Thank goodness my neighbor had a use for the extra gravel!

I also picked up some "scratch and dent" flowers from Lowe's when we went for rocks.  The gerbera daisies are in planters and just needed to have the spent flower heads removed and a good watering.  I also picked up 4 pots of pink larkspur.  I think they will be gorgeous next summer.  I love pink in the garden and pale pink will be such eye candy!

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