Friday, October 2, 2009

New profile photo

So - I updated my profile photo.  It was time to get real.  The other photo was 4 years old, taken in Hawaii and I was tan and very blonde.  My son was sitting across the table when he took the shot.  He is a pretty decent photographer and I love that photo.  Brian referred to it as "Mom's money shot".  (I am not exactly sure what that means!)  This one is me at 57, hair definitely graying and I now have squinchy lines around my eyes when I smile.  I thought I should post one before my face starts sliding down to my chest...


Michelle said...

You look lovely. Thanks for sharing your new picture. I have a new picture on facebook, complete with my HUGE double (triple?) chin.
I see most people crop their pictures right below the point of their chin. I know what they are hiding.

Have a great weekend!

Sweet P said...

Great photo!