Thursday, September 10, 2009

It’s the little things

I really do not like the vanity,  medicine cabinet and light fixture that came with my house.  REALLY DO NOT LIKE.  I know why he put it in the house.  I used to rehab houses in a previous life.  I know that the sink/vanity top combo at Home Depot is just a little under $200.  I know that the medicine cabinet sells for roughly $40 and the light bar is $30.  We put them in several houses because they look decent and are cost effective.  (We were not rehabbing houses in high end areas!)  The difference is that I always put in the white version where we could.  I hate the look of oak.  (And I am really sorry if you love it.  I just doesn’t work for me.)  Anyway, I am taking down the medicine cabinet and putting up a framed mirror as soon as I find one that I like.  The light bar is also coming down and I want to put up something pretty more like this

vanity light

or maybe like this

vanity light 2

(I just need a little light to put on my makeup.  Not so much light that I feel like a porn star getting ready to film!)

I also want to get a much larger vanity.  The bozo that sold me the house told me that the vanity was going to be 48”.  I thought that was perfect.  I know with that size you usually get a set of drawers which I really like.  When I did the walk through, I discovered that he installed a 36” vanity (surely price was the factor as he was starting to get cheap on me!) which leaves an 8” inch gap between vanity and wall and looks stupid.  He also installed a basic faucet and drain.  No pop up.  (Can I you guess how annoyed I was about that?! )  I found a faucet that I liked and purchased it about 6 months ago.  It is now installed!  I went from this


(Notice the missing cap on the cold water that mysteriously was broken one day?)

to this


I am much happier.  I asked my brother to come over and watch me install it just in case I was doing something backwards or weird.  Instead, bless his heart, he installed it for me.  I love it.

Next bathroom project involves bead board wallpaper and some paint.  Stay tuned…


Amelia said...

First step (of probably many) in the bath room change. The new faucets looks way better than the old kind...makes for a better looking sink.

Weekend is almost here...hooray!

jillquilts said...

I have the second light fixture in my upstairs bathroom. In the down stairs one, I have an oval framed mirror and 2 individual light fixtures on either side.

I like the second fixture a lot! :)

Sweet P said...

I agree with you on the generic fixtures. Our condo is full of them. Slowly, but surely, we're working on replacing them.