Thursday, May 14, 2009

Yard sale goodies

I love yard sales. Seriously. I never look for them in the newspaper classified ads. I just like to cruise neighborhoods and see what I can find. (I think it is the thrill of the hunt!) As I have mentioned before, I especially like community yard sales. Here are some of the purchases I made a couple of weeks ago -

First up are my vintage linens. I love damask tablecloths and napkins. I have way too many already but cannot pass them up. I am not crazy about fabrics from the 40s and 50s but for $2, I could not pass up this blue beauty.
From Little Nest

From Little Nest

These pewter platters were only $3 for the two of them. I think they are really pretty. You cannot tell from the photo but the large one is about 14" long and the small on is roughly 10" long.
From Little Nest

In one neighborhood, it seemed as if everyone was selling the "Colonial" style pretend brass chandeliers. Some wanted as much as $10. I got this one for a dollar. I am going to paint it sort of an antique white and then glaze it with sage green. I think it will look fabulous in my dining room!
From Little Nest

I need lamps and the prices to purchase them new are just more than I want to spend. The tall green one will be painted white for my guest room. The pretty little brass one is in really good shape except for the shade which just isn't my taste. I have some white acrylic craft paint that I am going to use to paint the shade and then I may cover it in fabric. They were each only $2.
From Little Nest
From Little Nest

I found this Rowenta iron (and it doesn't leak!) for $2. I don't know why she was getting rid of it but I am excited to own it. It did have some hard water crystallization that was trapped inside but a good cleaning with vinegar took care of that.
From Little Nest

OK - here it is. My big yard sale purchase. I SWEAR it doesn't look like anyone ever sat in it. The retired couple selling had moved from Vermont and downsized into a townhouse. They had a couch, love seat and this recliner. Their new living room is just too small for all of the furniture. It is made by Thomasville and the colors in the fabric are perfect in my living room - pink, yellow, green and off white.
From Little Nest
Now for the price - $40! Whoo hoo!!

Lots of paint projects, yard projects and sewing projects for this weekend. I think I need a clone!!


Amelia said...

Lady, you certainly hit the jackpot on the purchase of that chair....not to mention the other items. In time they will be changed into the "new" way you want them to look.

Good shopping - if you go out this weekend.

Trish said...

Great finds. I love the chair.

Sweet P said...

Those are awesome purchases! Have fun with them.

Michelle said...

SCORE!!!! You did good! I LOVE the chair!!!

Kristie said...

Wow! Great finds! I love yard sales too! So fun looking through the stuff and you can find some amazing deals! Love that chair, that was a steal!

The Calico Quilter said...

You have much better yard sales than Tennessee. I checked out a sale in my neighborhood and apart from some terribe bric-a-brac the main thing she was selling was a table full of pottery her daughter made. And let's be charitable and just say she wasn't very good at it.